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Society and Lifestyle
honor killing
by Maryam Amir
Dear Editor: I would like to draw the attention towards the honor killing. Women are ...more
APR-21-2017  Viewed(15)    Comment
womens emancipation
by Dr Kusum Doshi
Dear Editor: Women all over the world, in particular India, Organize yourselves to rise and ...more
APR-19-2017  Viewed(19)    Comment
A view about Religion
by Giriraj prajapati
Dear Editor:""Man is not for Religion but Religion is for Man" April 18, 2017 Giriraj ...more
APR-19-2017  Viewed(20)    Comment
Forced religion and tolerance
by Farhat Rahmani
Dear Editor: My sincere sympathy with respected Sonu Nigam that he has to be woken up by the azaan in ...more
APR-17-2017  Viewed(31)    Comment
Ignorant reporting on suicide.
by Arpita
Dear Editor: It is with utmost disbelief that I'm writing to you. Having been your reader for some ...more
APR-17-2017  Viewed(22)    Comment
Save women first, then cows
by Jubel D'Cruz
Dear Editor: Hindus worship the cow because it is Lord Krishna's favourite animal. But why don't ...more
APR-17-2017  Viewed(51)    Comment
African students in India
by Shakuntala Dubey
Dear Editor: Sir, with reference to Samuel T. Jack, President of African students in India, interview ...more
APR-16-2017  Viewed(46)    Comment
The Tamil Farmersī Agitation
Dear Editor: I am writing this letter after observing the agitation being staged by our Tamil farmer ...more
APR-15-2017  Viewed(15)    Comment
by Samia Fatima Khalidi
Dear Editor: To, The Editor, DAWN, Karachi. SUBJECT: INCREMENT IN CHILD ...more
APR-14-2017  Viewed(29)    Comment
United we stand divided we fall
by SA Khan
Dear Editor: The recent scenario in India is really giving a bad name of India which has been ...more
APR-09-2017  Viewed(42)    Comment
UNFAIR DIVIDE (letter to the Editor
by Shanti B.
Dear Editor: Why this North-South divide? Why this dark-fair divide? Here is a case in point. I ...more
APR-09-2017  Viewed(24)    Comment
by Adrian Holloway
Sir, My brother, when a medical student at St. Thomas's |Hospital before the war, was adamant that the ...more
APR-06-2017  Viewed(38)    Comment
Cruelty against Husband
by Pavitra. Vinod
Dear Editor:Sir, In India where marriage is the union between man and woman to get social status in the ...more
APR-05-2017  Viewed(27)    Comment
Democratic Dividend
by Ajay Kumar
Dear Editor: In a democracy like India, caste plays pivotal role in politics as per numerical strength. ...more
APR-04-2017  Viewed(23)    Comment
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