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Letters to the Editor - Syrian Refugee

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Syrian Refugee
by Elizabeth Rivington
Dear Editor: why have the rich middle eastern muslim countries such as saudis arabia,, bahrain, dubai ...more
OCT-16-2016  Viewed(426)    Comment
immigration curbs
by Peter Westland
Dear Editor: It would be impossible to overemphasize the Home Secretary's crass lack of foresight and ...more
OCT-12-2016  Viewed(288)    Comment
Immigration controls Calais
by Andrew Stewart
Dear Editor: A point which appears to have been overlooked in the latest threat to end transposed ...more
AUG-30-2016  Viewed(410)    Comment
Syrian Refugees
by James Brack
Dear Editor: The Obama Administration is importing 10,000 (or more) Syrian refugees into our country for ...more
JUL-24-2016  Viewed(603)    Comment
Migrant Attacks
by Alan Harniess
Dear Editor: During the recent TV debates leading up to the EU referendum politicians of all parties ...more
JUN-29-2016  Viewed(431)    Comment
by Sid Kolman
Dear Editor: My understanding is that if the President brings in refugees, they will be given free ...more
JUN-20-2016  Viewed(544)    Comment
Our Jeremy
by Eric Cheek
Dear Editor: Again Corbyn has shown himself unfit for government for he has been honest about the ...more
JUN-20-2016  Viewed(411)    Comment
EU Migrant Crisis
by John Simpson
Dear Editor: How many of your readers know that the current EU migrant crisis is being aided and ...more
JUN-22-2016  Viewed(423)    Comment
Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan
by John Simpson
Dear Editor: How many of your readers know that the current migrant crisis has been aided and abetted by ...more
JUN-15-2016  Viewed(548)    Comment
Immigrant smugglars
by Paul slaughter
Dear Editor: with the increasing situation of illegal immigrants threatening our coast, why is it ...more
JUN-03-2016  Viewed(506)    Comment
English Channel Boat People
by D B Russell
Dear Editor: Immigrants are now entering the country by small boats across the English Channel, landing ...more
JUN-01-2016  Viewed(480)    Comment
The Migrant Invasion
by G.Draper O.B.E
Dear Editor: We are told 370,000 immigrants entered Britain last year. In fact nobody knows the real ...more
MAY-31-2016  Viewed(462)    Comment
Bono´s appeal
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
Dear Editor: This is in regards to the opinion piece "Time to Think Bigger About the Refugee Crisis" ...more
APR-12-2016  Viewed(626)    Comment
by A . D. Scofield
Dear Editor: The EU solution to the current immigration problem appears to have been solved, but the ...more
MAR-20-2016  Viewed(496)    Comment
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