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Letters to the Editor - Theater Shooting

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Theater Shooting
Debate gun control!
by Ron Charach MD
Dear editor: The families of victims of the theater shooting in Aurora Colorado want gun control ...more
OCT-02-2012  Viewed(988)    Comment
semiautomatics at The Empire State
by Ron Charach MD
Dear editor: As the tragic Empire State Building shooting demonstrates, semiautomatic weapons are ...more
JAN-08-2013  Viewed(596)    Comment
Peace prayer
by Rashmi Sheth
Dear Editor: Last week at the Hindu Temple in Allentown Peace Prayers were held for the Sikhs murdered ...more
JAN-08-2013  Viewed(671)    Comment
Media´s Anti-Muslim Sentiment
by Robert Kittredge
Dear Editor: Whether it's inadvertent or calculated, I call on the media to stop feeding into the ...more
AUG-11-2012  Viewed(862)    Comment
massacre at Sikh temple
by Ron Charach MD
Dear editor: Republican state representative Mark Honadel said, of the massacre at a Sikh temple by a ...more
JAN-08-2013  Viewed(638)    Comment
Flags at half-staff
by David Andersen
Dear Editor: While the tragedies in Oak Creek Wisconsin and Aurora, Colorado are indeed heart-wrenching ...more
JAN-08-2013  Viewed(592)    Comment
Badalmente Talking Points
by Ted Skinner
Dear Editor:Mr. Badalmente has manages to cover all Democrat Talking Points in one fell swoop in his ...more
AUG-06-2012  Viewed(777)    Comment
Clowns and gun control
by Ron Charach MD
Dear editor: At its worst, our world resembles a multi-ring circus, and The Dark Knight pushes the ...more
JAN-08-2013  Viewed(637)    Comment
by Jeff Dein
Dear Editor: In the wake of Sunday's newest terror event at a Sikh temple in WI, I feel compelled to ...more
AUG-06-2012  Viewed(832)    Comment
James Holmes and hi psychiatrist
by Ron Charach MD
Dear editor: I'm relieved to read that Dr Lynne Fenton sounded all the right alarm bells about her ...more
AUG-02-2012  Viewed(896)    Comment
Colorado shooting
by Bruce Kenyon
Dear Editor: The event that transpired this last week in Colorado is a real tragedy. The suspected ...more
JUL-31-2012  Viewed(1121)    Comment
Gun control over the internet
by Daniel Allison
Dear Editor: There is a scheme to bury an anti-gun amendment in the so-called ?Cybersecurity Act.? ...more
JUL-29-2012  Viewed(899)    Comment
by Steven E. Morris
Dear Editor: My heart aches for the victims of the shooting in Colorado. Cruel and intentional ...more
JUL-26-2012  Viewed(724)    Comment
Dark Knight
by Jim Black
Dear Editor: ?Dark Knight? is the perfect title for the antichrist who is coming, ?according to the ...more
JUL-26-2012  Viewed(744)    Comment
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