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Letters to the Editor - Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods
by Gloria Serleto
Dear Editor: Why did you put Tiger Woods on the front and back page on Friday, April 9th.when a 50 ...more
APR-19-2010  Viewed(1092)    Comment
Tiger Woods post-Masters Interview
by Paul Hudson
Dear Editor: A PR man rescripts Tiger's exit TV interview at the Masters: "Sure, I was a bit ...more
APR-12-2010  Viewed(1583)    Comment
A Real Golf Hero
by Sue Sebesta
Dear Editor: Thank heaven for Phil Mickelson - a man who respects and values his wife, his family, his ...more
APR-18-2010  Viewed(1039)    Comment
Woods/Sports Media both a disgrace
by Daniel Wilson
Dear Editor:Tiger Woods is s disgrace, and so are the majority of sports media who want to separate him ...more
MAR-05-2010  Viewed(1082)    Comment
S.Kelly cartoon Dec. 16, 2009 issue
by Brenda Sepulvida
Dear Editor: After reading Midweek for years and considering it a family newspaper, I was surprised ...more
DEC-18-2009  Viewed(1219)    Comment
Tiger Woods
by Irene Cornwell
Dear Editor: Regarding the millions of words on the Tiger Woods saga, I believe there is a ...more
DEC-09-2009  Viewed(1210)    Comment
Media coverage
by Will Robison
Dear Editor: It's a shame that the media has elected to focus on some golfer, when a minimum of thirty ...more
DEC-08-2009  Viewed(1203)    Comment
Tiger Is US
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. My question is "just why are we so surprised'" First, few people are ...more
DEC-06-2009  Viewed(1176)    Comment
Extra!, Extra!, Extra Insanity!
by Louis DeRosa
Dear Editor: Two Wars, 10's of thousands of American homes facing foreclosure, retirement accounts cut ...more
DEC-05-2009  Viewed(1135)    Comment
Tiger Woods
by T.P.Mahadevan
Dear Editor: It is sickening to have to deal with one more "icon" falling on the wayside. It is not ...more
DEC-04-2009  Viewed(1315)    Comment
Tiger Woods
by jane liscombe
Dear Editor: I would just like to say leave the man alone, what he did was not what he should have ...more
DEC-04-2009  Viewed(1210)    Comment
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