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Politicans forget who they are.
by William Miller
Dear Editor: Congressman Baron Hill from Indiana's 9th District barred a student reporter from taking a ...more
SEP-09-2009  Viewed(1109)    Comment
Americans behaving badly
by John Beckman
Dear Editor: I am appalled by fellow Americans who try to hide their prejudice behind trying to deny ...more
SEP-08-2009  Viewed(1109)    Comment
town hall meeting
by Joe Gorline
Dear Editor: We the concerned people of Paducah need a town hall meeting. Our voices (thousands of ...more
AUG-25-2009  Viewed(1903)    Comment
Misplaced Outrage
by Brian Blashfield
Dear Editor: Americans are suffering a summer of outrage as voiced by our fellow citizens who oppose or ...more
AUG-23-2009  Viewed(1383)    Comment
The Healthcare debate
by Susan Saint-Amour
Dear Editor: I am concerned about what appears to me to be planned hysterical protests at town ...more
AUG-21-2009  Viewed(1133)    Comment
Health Care Debate Hypocritical...
by Michael S. Buchko Jr.
Dear Editor: I think the so-called "health care debate" is ridiculous. Since a Democratic President ...more
AUG-26-2009  Viewed(1075)    Comment
Health Care & Social Darwinism
by Joseph Paul Dorchack
Dear Editor: I think it's time to get to the heart of the health care debate. Are the opponents of ...more
AUG-19-2009  Viewed(1682)    Comment
Keep off the Astroturf
by Chris Curley
Dear Editor: In regards to Ryan Sager's Op-ed on recent town halls and the ...more
AUG-19-2009  Viewed(1196)    Comment
health care reform
by anita simons
Dear Editor: I am not happy with only a public option and prefer to see a single payer or MEDICARE FOR ...more
AUG-23-2009  Viewed(1258)    Comment
Cardin Responds to his constituents
by Marsha Johnson
Dear Editor: As I read the front page of the Saturday Washington Post (Aug 15th) I was hit with the ...more
AUG-22-2009  Viewed(1063)    Comment
Scripted anger at Town Halls
by George Jacobi
Dear Editor: In the 14 August edition of the Panama City News Herald Froma Herop expounded on the ...more
AUG-15-2009  Viewed(1199)    Comment
God help us with Obama Health Plan
by Tom Davis
Dear Editor: Before you folks make any further comments about the Obama/Democratic Health Care Plan you ...more
AUG-13-2009  Viewed(1212)    Comment
Civility in the Public Square
by James Antenore
Dear Editor: Please forgive me for saying what I think should be the obvious. The people who are ...more
AUG-13-2009  Viewed(1145)    Comment
Health Care Reform & "Death Panels"
by Carolyn Drake Compton
Dear Editor: I am dismayed by the lies and baseless rhetoric that are confusing and frightening ...more
AUG-18-2009  Viewed(1253)    Comment
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