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Letters to the Editor - Toyota

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Potential Toyota Solution
by Bob Frank
Dear Editor:I don't know to whom else to turn. God forbid this could have saved lives and I didn't follow ...more
MAR-22-2010  Viewed(1171)    Comment
Toyota sudden acceleration
by Lawrence Kaufman
Dear Editor: Drivers of Toyota cars need an understanding of drive by wire systems. Here?s how they ...more
MAR-11-2010  Viewed(1158)    Comment
Toyota Recall
by Ed Hine
Dear Editor: Good Luck all Toyota owners,Back in 1992 I purchased a high dollar car from one of the ...more
MAR-10-2010  Viewed(1128)    Comment
Toyota Recalls
by John H.Patten
Dear Editor: With all of the media coverage of the sudden acceleration problems with Toyota automobiles, ...more
MAR-09-2010  Viewed(1565)    Comment
Toyota recall
by Dick Roe
Dear Editor: I've been driving cars for 65 years and in every car I've driven acceleration stopped if I ...more
MAR-09-2010  Viewed(1139)    Comment
Automotive Sales
by Tony OReilly
Dear Editor: In a recent article on VW, they had a goal of becoming the largest automobile manufacturer ...more
MAR-08-2010  Viewed(1186)    Comment
Toyota Recall
by Gordon Rudd
Dear Editor: The fastest way to get at the root of the problem with Toyota's "drive-by-wire" throttle ...more
MAR-06-2010  Viewed(1227)    Comment
Toyota recall...
by Nancy Sullivan
Dear Editor: When Toyota Corporation asserts that their customers are loyal they must be drinking ...more
MAR-06-2010  Viewed(1402)    Comment
Toyota crash that prisoned Koua Lee
by Iain Macfarlane
Dear Editor: in 1970 I bought a Toyota Crown -the only decision being the colour(chosen by my ...more
FEB-26-2010  Viewed(2614)    Comment
Toyota rcall
by George Plyler (Washington Post ID Lyman55)
Dear Editor: I doubt there has ever been a Toyota accident caused by a stuck accelerator pedal. There ...more
FEB-26-2010  Viewed(1588)    Comment
Toyota Defense
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: An observation, and a question. First, there is the man in Minnesota who has been sitting ...more
FEB-26-2010  Viewed(1307)    Comment
Toyota - made in Japan
by Bonnie J. wortham
Dear Editor: Is Japan angry with the United states? The last time they were angry they bombed Pearl ...more
FEB-13-2010  Viewed(1181)    Comment
Toyota recall.
by David Hensher
Dear Editor: With all the Toyota news about sticking accelerators no advice has been given on what to do ...more
FEB-08-2010  Viewed(1184)    Comment
Toyota needs a kill switch
by Robert Cahn
Dear Editor: What do treadmills, outboard motors, chain saws and other machines that can run amok have ...more
FEB-06-2010  Viewed(1146)    Comment
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