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Letters to the Editor - Trayvon Martin

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Trayvon Martin
Zimmerman Head Wounds
by Jim Black
Dear Editor: If I was on the ground with someone on top of me banging my head on the pavement, and I ...more
APR-20-2012  Viewed(753)    Comment
by Earl Strugger
Dear Editor: We just finished watching a rerun of Bill Mare's (sp) program, in addition to other talk ...more
APR-15-2012  Viewed(856)    Comment
Trayvon Martin
by Robert Gregory
Dear Editor: Dear Media, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness before ...more
APR-14-2012  Viewed(995)    Comment
Stand Your Ground
by Carl H. Goehringer
Dear Editor: Has anyone considered the implicit contradiction of Florida's "stand your ground" ...more
APR-13-2012  Viewed(851)    Comment
Trayvon Martin
by C. M. Albrecht
Dear Editor: There has been a media frenzy and a great deal of polemic over the Trayvon Martin ...more
APR-12-2012  Viewed(867)    Comment
Trayvon Martin
by Irene Cornwell
Dear editor, Can Mr. Zimmerman get a fair trial? I have no idea due to the "Stand your ...more
APR-18-2012  Viewed(744)    Comment
Trayvon Martin Shooting in Florida
by Angelina Agnew
Dear Editor: It is my understanding that the neighborhood watch is to report any suspicious acts or ...more
APR-04-2012  Viewed(918)    Comment
George Zimmerman
by Jeral L. Mooneyham
Dear Editor In re: the Zimmerman case, what do we know? First, Mr. Zimmerman called police to report ...more
APR-03-2012  Viewed(959)    Comment
Trayvon Martin
by Laureen Faulkner
Dear Editor: Justice; Who deserves it? Not to diminish the death of Trayvon Martin, but I can't ...more
APR-02-2012  Viewed(882)    Comment
by Carl Leonhard senior
Dear Editor: Al Sharpton did not take long to beat the other race hustlers to get invoved in the ...more
APR-02-2012  Viewed(704)    Comment
by Paul J. Kiell, M.D.
Dear Editor: The Zimmerman/Martin incident reminded me of something that happened with me 36 years ...more
APR-01-2012  Viewed(832)    Comment
by John Strangi
Dear Editor: Robert Zimmerman should run for President! He is full of lies and you believe him! ...more
MAR-31-2012  Viewed(957)    Comment
Trayvon Martin Case
by Kathy Enos
Dear Editor: RACISM! I have been around for nearly 70 years and I thought we were way beyond this. I ...more
MAR-31-2012  Viewed(943)    Comment
Trayvon Martin murder
by pat hanson
Dear Editor: I can't be the only one noticing the difference in size between the shooter and the ...more
MAR-29-2012  Viewed(881)    Comment
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