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Letters to the Editor - UK Elections

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UK Elections
Laborīs defeat
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
TO THE EDITOR: This is in response to your piece "Why Labour Lost the Election" by Peter Mandelson ...more
MAY-19-2015  Viewed(878)    Comment
Ann Lucas
by Malcolm Emmerson
Dear Editor: What a depressing statement from Coventry Council Leader Ann Lucas. She says the council ...more
MAY-25-2015  Viewed(812)    Comment
The future of the general election
by Gordon Brennan
Dear Editor: How can we better determine which party forms the government? Maybe we can redefine ...more
MAY-22-2015  Viewed(746)    Comment
Scottish National Party
by Keith Hook
Dear Editor: Many English voters can't help wondering if the SNP in Clare Short's famous phrase will ...more
MAY-15-2015  Viewed(817)    Comment
Scottish MPīs visit to the House.
by Michael Bennett
Dear Editor: So Corporal Sturgeon has brought her troops to London for a recce. 57 air fares and 57 ...more
MAY-21-2015  Viewed(725)    Comment
Op-Ed The Center-Right Moment
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
TO THE EDITOR: This is in regards to your op-ed piece ?The Center-Right Moment? (NYT, 12 May 2015) by ...more
MAY-12-2015  Viewed(854)    Comment
Post election coverage
by James Foote
Dear Editor: Post - election , I had hoped to see the headline "Eds 'av rolled " Jim Foote, ...more
MAY-12-2015  Viewed(667)    Comment
by David Pyle
Dear Editor: 'But....there is no excuse!' Following the General Election, the apparent status quo ...more
MAY-12-2015  Viewed(625)    Comment
by J Spires
Dear Editor: I'm sure I'm not alone in enjoying all the media coverage of the SNP's electoral victory in ...more
MAY-11-2015  Viewed(767)    Comment
Demise Of The Liberal Democrate
by Philomena French
Dear Editor: The greatest surprise of the General Election is not that the Liberal Democrat vote has ...more
MAY-11-2015  Viewed(750)    Comment
by R. G Dean
Dear Editor: Can anyone suggest what I should now do with all the information I have now gathered on ...more
MAY-10-2015  Viewed(700)    Comment
The Labour Party
by Alec Bradley
Dear Editor: The Labour Party appears to think that if it sets out to woo the 'aspirational' classes ...more
MAY-10-2015  Viewed(668)    Comment
protests against the tory govt
by Stephen Wain
Dear Editor: I see that people are protesting against the Conservative government in Downing Street. ...more
MAY-10-2015  Viewed(718)    Comment
Scottish National Party
by Michael Whitson
Dear Editor: Has the Scottish National Party really been successful? Last year it lost the referendum ...more
MAY-10-2015  Viewed(688)    Comment
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