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Letters to the Editor - WTC Mosque

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WTC Mosque
by Rich Samples
Dear Editor: In light of our First Amendment's; and Jesus' own teaching and doctrine on "FREEDOM OF ...more
NOV-16-2010  Viewed(1114)    Comment
Ground Zero
by Rachel Stern
Dear Editor Even though I don?t think the Mosque should be built I see why some people would want it to ...more
NOV-10-2010  Viewed(1178)    Comment
A mosque built in ground-zero
by Yael Gershon
Dear Editor: The issue of not building the mosque near ground-zero is a sensitive one. The subject ...more
NOV-10-2010  Viewed(1563)    Comment
by Sacha Isaacson
Dear Editor: 'The Land of the free, the home of the brave,' is written in Bob Engleharts cartoon. He ...more
NOV-09-2010  Viewed(1277)    Comment
No Mosque Near Ground Zero
by Rachel Yeger
Dear Editor: In my opinion, a mosque should not be built near ground zero because it is insensitive, ...more
NOV-09-2010  Viewed(1161)    Comment
Who is the real victim?
by Efrat Mamet
Dear Editor:The issue of a Mosque near Ground Zero as discussed through a cartoon by David Fitzsimmons, ...more
NOV-08-2010  Viewed(1228)    Comment
To Build or not to Build
by Amanda Muller
Dear Editor: The same way you wouldn?t ask a blind man what color the sky is? How can we allow a mosque ...more
NOV-08-2010  Viewed(1068)    Comment
Religious Tolerance
by Gary Kaufman
Dear Editor: A recent visit to the Touro Synagogue in New Port, RI brought some clarity to the debate of ...more
SEP-29-2010  Viewed(1459)    Comment
Mosque Near Ground Zero
by James Whittenton
Dear Editor: Shortly before September 11, 2010, Rev. Terry Jones announced that he was going to burn the ...more
SEP-26-2010  Viewed(1284)    Comment
911 We Must Never Forget
by Don Miguel Kondracki
Dear Editor: We Must Never Forget 911??and Americans Must Not Allow Cordoba House to Go Up Anywhere ...more
SEP-17-2010  Viewed(1317)    Comment
the issu of ground zero mosque
by zulfeqar ali wazir
Dear Editor: Instead of building a Church or Mosque at Ground Zero site in New York, the Obama's ...more
SEP-20-2010  Viewed(1122)    Comment
Ground Zero Mosque
by Lloyd Chappell
Dear Editor: It is amazing how many Americans advocating the Ground Zero Mosque have no idea what the ...more
SEP-09-2010  Viewed(1865)    Comment
9/11 remembrance
by Mary Clark
Dear Editor: In a few days, Americans will mark the 9th anniversary of the most notable event in our ...more
SEP-08-2010  Viewed(1189)    Comment
To Build or not to Build the Mosque
by Peter Fontanes
Dear Editor: For the past few months, there has been a great debate surrounding the building of the ...more
SEP-07-2010  Viewed(1192)    Comment
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