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Letters to the Editor - Wisconsin

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A Sad Day for Wisconsin
by Sandra Pomponio
Dear Editor: I have been watching this "debate" over the budget repair bill with incredulous ...more
MAR-25-2011  Viewed(1360)    Comment
St. Patrick´s Day Message
by lois eisenberg
Dear Editor: Now that St. Patrick?s day is around the corner Thurs. March 17th the politicians are ...more
MAR-16-2011  Viewed(1278)    Comment
by Jim Seeborg
Dear Editor: Unions are a great way for a group of workers to express their opinions on labor issues. ...more
MAR-14-2011  Viewed(1143)    Comment
The Wisconsin Tsunami
by lois eisenberg
Dear Editor: The Republican Party in Wisconsin has caused their own Tsunami of major propositions and ...more
MAR-13-2011  Viewed(1408)    Comment
Turning US society into a serfdom
by M. Colombini
Dear Editor: There are famous lines from movies relevant to the horrendous decision in Wisconsin where ...more
MAR-12-2011  Viewed(1043)    Comment
union busting
by John C. Dillenburg
Dear Editor: There has been a lot of discussion over the present controversy in Wisconsin. I see it as ...more
MAR-08-2011  Viewed(1176)    Comment
The World outside Wisconsin
by Michael Hilton
Dear Editor: As a former Dalton (Georgia) High teacher, I can?t help from feeling concern about what?s ...more
MAR-01-2011  Viewed(1171)    Comment
Iowa State Public Unions Benefits
by Tejinder "Bobby" Singh
Dear Editor: There has been a great debate going on on Public Unions and their bloated salaries and ...more
MAR-01-2011  Viewed(1174)    Comment
Budget Repair Bill
by Sandra Winnemueller
Dear Editor: I thought I might mention a fact that is most often missed in the debate on the budget ...more
FEB-28-2011  Viewed(1632)    Comment
Budget Repair Bill
by Brenda Johnson
Dear Editor: The current financial crisis the state of Wisconsin is facing will not be solved by a ...more
FEB-28-2011  Viewed(1482)    Comment
The Wisconsin Impasse
by John W. Whitworth
Dear Editor: Your editorial on "The Wisconsin Impasse" and Charles Krauthammer's Op-Ed piece on the ...more
MAR-05-2011  Viewed(1016)    Comment
When did we lose our compassion?
by Richard C. Johnson
Dear Editor: When did it happen? When did we lose our ability to feel compassion? When did our neighbors ...more
FEB-26-2011  Viewed(1669)    Comment
union complaints
by Kenneth Hellstern
Dear Editor: i wonder if everyone bashing gov. walker would also act this way if i and my fellow workers ...more
FEB-26-2011  Viewed(1343)    Comment
Wisconsin reform
by Jim Van Sleet
Dear Editor: Welcome change. The budget reform bill should be voted on in the Senate. The Assembly ...more
FEB-25-2011  Viewed(1423)    Comment
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