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Letters to the Editor - Zimmerman

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PoliceBrutality Misuse of Power
by Mohammad Ashraf, Winnipeg Canada
Dear Editor: Extremely shameful to see Toronto police shooting a teenager, Sammy Yatim, in ...more
AUG-01-2013  Viewed(585)    Comment
Big Brother
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: I'm not much of a connoisseur of TV - a digital converter box provides more than ...more
JUL-21-2013  Viewed(698)    Comment
Zimmermann trial
by wally christensen
Dear Editor: The confrontation in Sanford between Mr. Zimmerman and the adolescent Trevino Martin ...more
JUL-28-2013  Viewed(685)    Comment
Trayvon Martin case
by Robert Williams
Dear Editor: I was very disappointed to see President Obama come on as he did on the Trayvon Martin ...more
JUL-20-2013  Viewed(650)    Comment
Race Baiters
by Leo J. Seney
Dear Editor: How is the Zimmerman case a racial divide? In the old days, in the deep south, George ...more
JUL-17-2013  Viewed(623)    Comment
Two Wrongs Donīt Make A Right!
Dear Editor: As an American citizen, I am Horrified that we still live in a world of racist! I was ...more
JUL-16-2013  Viewed(852)    Comment
1 Womanīs Opinion
by Denise L. Harkless
Dear Editor: The African American Community and just plain people who believe in the American ...more
JUL-16-2013  Viewed(651)    Comment
Zimmerman trial, etc.
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor SUMMER OF BIG BROTHER Our Summer ...more
JUL-15-2013  Viewed(643)    Comment
Eric Deganns arcticle
by romero rodriguez
Dear Editor: I selected the Tampa Bay Times (the int was the ST. Pete times, because of the bias in the ...more
JUL-15-2013  Viewed(630)    Comment
George Zimmerman trial
by Patrick Wotus
Dear Editor: Lost in Florida: America's sense of justice. If found, please return to owner. ...more
JUL-14-2013  Viewed(649)    Comment
George Zimmerman
by Steve Schatz
Dear Editor: "They always get away." This is what George Zimmerman, armed with a handgun, said as he ...more
JUL-14-2013  Viewed(689)    Comment
Race Relations
by Greg Rice
Dear Editor: There's nothing enlightening about "color blindness". It's a intriguing idea at first ...more
JUL-21-2013  Viewed(597)    Comment
Justice Denied in Zimmerman Trial
by Mohammad Ashraf, Winnipeg Canada
Dear Editor: The verdict in Zimmerman's case for killing 17 years old, black Trayvon Martin is being ...more
JUL-14-2013  Viewed(929)    Comment
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